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15/10/2002 18:02:44   Curtis Muir   Any body know of any uprating of brakes/ calipers done by Saab in the 70's for ralling / sport purposes. Or in fact if anything can be done to uprate them, cos I need to stop better than I'm doing.  
16/10/2002 02:02:25   Jonathan Schaller   Thre are after market alternatives. The most common upgrage I have seen is the 4 piston Wilwood unit. If you want to see one installed try Chris Moberg's site at His sonett named "yellow thunder" has a set of these. If you drop him a line he's sure to help you out with the particulars. You might also try Jack Lawrence at MSS in New York. He has raced a SCCA sonett with the same brake up grade for many years.  
16/10/2002 20:49:15   Curtis Muir   Thanks I'm following up those tips tonight.Couldn't see the car and haven't even heard of Wilwood but it's a start..
16/10/2002 21:29:38   jake   some ford boys used the 4 pot calipers from austin princess models circa mid seventys i,m shure you could find some of these localy even just to compare the two i think they split so they can be ajusted to fit differing thickness disks therfore opening out the poss option of vented discs ? it must be worth a try good luck in your quest ps there jake is alway the parashute trick but it,s getting someone in the boot to through it out  
14/11/2002 01:24:30   Alistair Philpott   As far as I know from the S&R manuals, the only changes made to the works rally cars were competition pads (Ferodo DS11 was the one at the time) in standard calipers and bending/removing the dust guards to improve air flow to the discs. Seems hard to believe these days! Paul Darlington's definitive article on preparing rally 96s from CCC in 70s recommended leaving the rear shoes as standard to give a bit more "bite" at the rear, effectively giving a slight bias to the rear. What you can do depends of course on your regs, but I'm not aware of anything special being homologated.

Best advice if you are stuck with Group 1/2 homologated parts is make damn sure everything you have is working properly, right back to basics like use decent fluid and good braided hose. If you left foot brake a lot you may need a vaccuum tank to maintain servo vaccuum with an open throttle.  

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