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14/10/2004 22:58:05   George   They're clearly better but would i find it slow after my 99GL? I drive mostly on motorways and like to be able to keep up with the BMWs...
And would it take up my whole life sourcing parts and investigating problems?  
15/10/2004 07:48:28   Richard   I dont think a 96 is an ideal car for mainly motorway use. They have a low top gear and only a four speed box. You can up the final drive by using a Sonet crown and pinion, but these are hard to find. On the other hand they will do outside lane motorway speeds, but the revs will be up and therefore the noise. The best place for a 96 is on country lanes where they are loads of fun!
You will always find some problems on a old car, but it depends what condition the car is in to start with. Generally they are good for reliability.
Parts are not a problem and there is good back up from specialists.
15/10/2004 09:46:43   James Ayres   ...and great web sites like this one...  
15/10/2004 12:57:01   Simon   Hello George,
Both are excellent cars. As Richard outlines they each have their preferances, so get one of each - it worked for me :)  

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