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18/10/2004 16:06:10   ian banks   This is never a good thing i fear, i'm driving a 1975 96 saloon, when i pull away i hear a grinding noise. I've checked the front pads because it was kind of like a stone between the pad and disc sort of noise ,but no. Rear drums are free and not binding. Nothings rubbing against the bodywork. Any ideas?
Oh and it sits low on drivers side, don't know if theres a connection, tired springs on one side, maybe i don't give enough people lifts??  
18/10/2004 16:35:31   Richard   If a front spring is broken it usually snaps then the two halfs sit on top of each other and usually catch the road wheel.  
18/10/2004 17:11:31   ian banks   I took the wheel of and checked the spring it seems fine, thought maybe the spring seat had seen better days but it looks ok
Steering pulls slightly to the right which is the side thats lower. The shock absorber looks rough but this wouldn't effect the ride height would it?  
18/10/2004 21:11:58   Alistair   Take off the front wheels & turn each driveshaft in turn to listen for your grinding, could be many things. Might be brake dust shield catching disc for example, or stone between the two.

Shocker shouldn't affect ride height, even if the mounts are shot. If one side sits lower then it soudns like you've tired springs that need swapping anyway, unless a seat or top mount is rotten? Could be rear also. Or worst case, it's bent...  
18/10/2004 21:27:36   ian banks   Well , it does seem happier turning right than lets not go there. I'll have a look at dust shield that does sound like a promising culprit.

would tired springs on one side pull the steering? you've got me worried now alistair!  
22/10/2004 13:33:23   steve h   I had a similar thing on my restored V4 before I restored it and can feel it coming on on the unrestored one now.

erm... how are you suspension towers?

Open the bonnet and get someone to wiggle the steering back and forth. You might be horrified by what you see. (towers flexing back and forth where they have rotted away.) The grinding noise is due to the misalignment causing the bearing to wear.
It perplexed me for months until someone wiggled the steering wheel for me. A bit of welding and maybe a new bearing will cure it.

But then it could still be a stone on the brake disk.  
25/10/2004 12:49:06   ian banks   Thanks steve, lost some hair when i read your post!!!
fortunately all seems fine in the spring tower department, looking under the bonnet the metalwork is very solid above the spring towers . Underneath however i've noticed the upper rubber bumpstop is missing and at the back its dropped of and its at the base of the spring. No wonder the springs are a bit tired.
Can you buy bump stops anywhere?  
26/10/2004 13:45:10   steve h   i'm sure mel and ken could sort you out. (highgates)  

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