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20/10/2004 08:22:45   bill   I'm going to the NEC classic show on saturday and was planning to take my rear bootlid handle to one of the rechroming companies who will no doubt be there.

I've never had anything rechromed before and would appreciate any advice on what to look for in a company/what sort of questions to ask.

Does it make a difference how the item is stripped, how many new layers they put on etc etc?  
20/10/2004 09:15:30   Steve B   Hi Bill,
Not and expert on this stuff but I did have some overiders re-chromed once, which worked really well.
The process involves polishing, then copper plating, then nickel plating and then chrome.
The most important step is the polishing which deterimines the final quality of the finish and also the copper plating which seals the surface and smoothes out fine pitting. So I would ask the company about their polishing steps and if they use a copper underlayer or not (some don't).
Is your handle one of the sheet steel ones, or one of the earlier cast ones ? I think the cast ones would probably require more preperation as the pitting tends to go much deeper. As with all fininshing operations it's the preperation which counts towards the quality of the finish.  
22/10/2004 13:20:37   steve h   I had all my brightwork re chromed by classic chrome in enfield. Run by a couple from their semi. 4 street parked years later its still perfect.  
22/10/2004 13:38:26   bill   Thanks. Its one of the folded ones, the chrome has crazed with age and been worn away in places by too much abrasive polishing, its not actually pitted at all so hopefully it can be worked on and restored sucessfully.  

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