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21/10/2004 14:33:53   Rob   I need to fit rear seat belts to a Saab 96. Any advice on best type, ease of fitting etc would be appreciated.  
22/10/2004 11:14:07   erik   i fitted lap seat belts ( 2 point only ). Under the rear seat were holes with thread (M10?) for that purpose. My car is a late type ('79) though and I cannot tell from which year on they put these holes in the floor. The belts came from a Volvo 340 and were a straight fit, I even used the same bolts.  
22/10/2004 13:02:54   steve h   3 point inertia reel bolt stright in with no modification at all. You will find standard threaded holes under the back seat and in the rear quarter panel under those plastic caps. This does mean you have to have the ugly inertia boxes visible. I have fitted four point belts on my restored car (the shed has 3 point) by welding a seat belt mount into the boot rear wheel arch bulkhead. This means you only see the belt runner. Much neater.
I did both to allow the use of baby/child seats.
27/10/2004 13:38:12   Rob   Thanks for the help.
Much appreciated.  

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