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21/10/2004 17:59:31   simon   I am due to change my front rotors and front brake components on my 96.
I know that some of the ralle teams run without stone guards to aid cooling and lessen brake fade. S&R says to bend them for air scoops but surely this would scoop and thus collect debris as well as air.
So on a road car, what are the implications of running without any guards? Will it help to cool things without introducing new issues? Tnx.  
21/10/2004 19:45:30   ian   i just binned mine on both to let more air in to discs...  
22/10/2004 13:11:57   steve h   Yes cool equals better, but has anyone out there apart from Richard ever suffered brake fade on the standard set up?  
22/10/2004 15:12:36   Senor Burt   Yes once. Freewheeling around the hills of Derbyshire. Brakes got very hot and almost stopped working altogether. Disengaging the freewheel for a while sorted it out though.  
22/10/2004 20:48:19   Alistair   Brake fade with a standard set-up?
Yes, used to get it all the time, it's how I learned to drive a V4 quickly ;-) Freewheeling down the Horsehose Pass and having to stop when you get to Llangollen was always a good bet.

Lots of left-footing also eventually meant an all-too-quick loss of brakes.

The cooling effect of bending the stone guards back is only minimal, but it does help and I never had any trouble with debris, even on gravelly Welsh lanes.  
24/10/2004 21:10:21   simon   Went for a no guards set up today.
Very simple job, although one hub nut hurt my back and broke a torque wrench! It took a 7foot pole on a breaker bar to budge that one. Also, be prepared with a hub puller and an impact driver - the only 'special' tools req for this job.  

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