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16/10/2002 17:25:20   Tom   I use my 96 everyday and so decided to take the heater motor unit out of the heating system, as it didn't seem to be blowing anything around. (cold days are here!)Anyway i tried a spare motor i had just to see if the original one had packed in. On fitting the spare heater motor i switched the grey and yellow wire over. Which seems to make the motor run at double speed. (also with the old motor) Any ideas or am i going to get my fingers burn't?  
17/10/2002 11:33:46   Steve B   The motor is wired up to operate at 2 speeds. By swaping the wires you engaged the higher speed. If only one speed works when the fan is intalled properly then suspect your switch as having a fault as the motor seems fine. Check fuses also.  
18/10/2002 13:42:57   tom   Thanks Steve, i'll try the switch.  

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