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24/10/2004 15:52:05   John Manns   Having just purchased the Saab, the previous owner had the car for just over 9 years (in that time it was used for some historic rallies as well as his day to day car).

The main problem with the car is the freewheel which the previous owner has left out of engagement as when engaged it would occasionally revert back to normal engine braking.
With quite a loud noise!!.
The previous owner thinks there could be a problem on the selector plate adjustment rather than the actual freewheel gear?

I would apreciate how to check & setup the freewheeling function.

Secondly the Column Gearchange has a fair bit of movement in it om engaging 1st Gear it's easy to move the wiper operating lever turning on the wipers! & on engaging 4th Gear it can be a little difficult to go in.

Other than that I can see the attraction of driving Saab's.

Any help would be appreciated

25/10/2004 09:06:41   Steve B   Hi John,

The freewheel should be held in place via a sprung bolt and washer arrangment which sits in a slot in the freewheel control. If you look in the bonnet there is a white plastic pivoting link with a curved slot in it for the bolt. You can tighten this sprung bolt to gain to right amount of resistance when you operate the freewheel control. Some friction is needed here to keep the freewheel from changing its setting on its own. However if excesive tightening of this bolt needed to keep the freewheel in place then there is something else wrong.

For the gear change - you could check that this is adjusted correctly. The whole steering colunm can be moved on slotted mounts to do this. From what I remember you put the car in 4th gear and move the colunm until there is about 1" of play in the gearlever. Try some different settings with this adjustment and you should find that it is possible to get all the gears easily.  
25/10/2004 12:36:43   Richard   As above, but check the gear linkage is not touching the freewheel selector rod when in 4th. Make sure the spring does not slop from side to side on the bolt for the white selector, if so make a sleeve to go over the bolt.
Gear linkage as above, but check for play in the gear linkage joints, which will give up and down play on the lever. If it feels like rubber check the flexi coupling on the gear linkage.  
25/10/2004 13:25:02   John Manns   Hi Steve & Richard

Thanks for the information.

I will check it out.

Kind regards

25/10/2004 20:47:12   Alistair   First time I've heard of one moving out of freewheel into drive! Surprised the teeth on the selector have survived long enough to porvide anything other than freewheel!!
26/10/2004 14:19:42   steve h   I had mine slip out of engine braking to freewheel many times. But never the other way round. WOW.
Sounds like something is fouling your operating rod.
Be careful, freewheels are getting rare.  

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