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25/10/2004 12:37:38   ian banks   This must be the season for things to go wrong, has anyone ever experienced problems getting the key out of the ignition. I thought i just wasn't engaging reverse properly but the barrel seems to be realy stiff and i can see a broken key situation on the horizon. Whats the best way to lubricate key barrel?  
25/10/2004 20:42:51   Alistair   Have you tried wiggling the gear change to make sure it's in exactly the right position to allow the key to be removed? They can be a bit fiddly if the lower linkage is worn or poorly adjusted.  
25/10/2004 23:31:26   ian banks   Thanks Alistair,i tried wiggling and shoogling and swearing but to no avail, i think your right though because there does seem to be a lot of play in the gear linkage, is this easy to adjust?  
26/10/2004 12:26:53   Alistair   The wear and "slop" in the gearchange is usually the universal joints wearing, especially round the tapered pins that hold that part of the mechanism to the rest. You can replace the tapered pins with new ones of a slightly larger size and may have to drill out the holes in the U/Js to make them circular again (they'll probably be worn out-of-round).

Richard Simpson has some experience of a mod (made on the hoof at Elvington) that improved gearshift quality, suggest we wait till he turns up to explain what it's all about...

When you wiggle about to try to get the key out, make sure you also try moving the shaft along its axis in both directions - move the lever towards the steering wheel and away, as well as rotating the shaft.  
26/10/2004 13:09:31   paul   If you decide you do want to lube the lock, use dry lube (graphite powder) as liquid clogs everything up. This would involve dismantling the barrel though (be VERY careful to put all the pins back in the right order/combination into the tumbler, or the key wont work!!)  

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