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26/10/2004 20:38:58   Tom   Anyone got any pointers as to where l could get a pair of new Rear suspension straps, with speedy delivery ? What sort of cost should l be looking at?

26/10/2004 20:48:44   chris reid   i have been thinking of ways to fit four stud 99 or 900 alloys to my v4, and one way i am contemplating doing it is by putting a 99 rear axle under it and front wishbones and hubs. this would also make it a bit wider and help solve the tendancy to 2 wheel round corners!! has any one tried it or know of any one who has?? i know its a lot of work but seems like a good challenge!?  
26/10/2004 23:10:55   ian banks   Chris, isn't the 99 axle a straight tube and the 96 is a kind of u shape so you might end up with a dragster look because you can't locate the axle in the underbody groove and still have the wheels sticking out the right place. Does that make sense ? you would end up riding way to high at the back and probably die going round the first bend!
Why not just buy wheels with a bigger offset ?  
26/10/2004 23:15:12   ian banks   axle straps are about 5.50 each from rolfs spares on the links page. But these nice blokes at highgate seem to have everything so try them.  
27/10/2004 12:03:35   chris reid   ahh, i diddnt realise that the 99 had a straight axle! i suppose it would be possible to move the under body grove back to locate the axle in the right position.
what about fitting different hubs? i notice that there are a couple of 96s in the gallery that have 4stud 99 wheels, how have they done this??
i have not looked at any other saab in detail to see if my idea is feasable, cuz i wouldnt want a wide back axle and narrow front, it would have to be even or it would handle like a dog.  
27/10/2004 13:01:52   ian banks   Chris, the groove for the rear axle is also a frame member so theres no moving that unless you want to attack the car with an angle grinder, 99 has an incredibly basic back axle and the 96 is slightly more funky trailing arm affair. Why not buy some wheel spacers, there are a few 4x4 stockists who sell well engineered alloy spacers for both front and rear, would give you about an 1.5" extra track each side and works on front and rear. You would need to check how this Effects the steering geometry though.
This option saves the embarressment of being found upside down in a ditch which is never a good thing! best of luck!  
27/10/2004 13:06:34   ian banks   Or you could drive a 99, they are very cheap!  
27/10/2004 13:11:16   Senor Burt   There are 2 ways of fitting 99 wheels to a V4.

1. Use adaptor plates which bolt to the existing 5-bolt hubs and have 4 studs to which you bolt your wheels. Main problem is that it increases the track and you may have trouble getting wide tyres under the rear arches.

2. Use 'Monte Carlo' or 'Sport' hubs. These were fitted to these limited edition 60's cars. Very difficult to get hold of.

A third option is to adapt Ford Escort hubs and drums. The drums go straight on more-or-less (with a spacer), but the hubs require some engineering. Never actually done this, but have seen a 96 with this mod.  
27/10/2004 19:36:16   Simon   Do you know anyone that sells adaptor plates?  
27/10/2004 19:53:21   Alistair   Any go-faster shop or wheel supplier, try Demon Tweeks or a similar outfit in your area.  
27/10/2004 20:43:02   chris reid   i will have to look into the escort hub method, sounds less drastic!
where would you get the five stud to four adaptor plates from?? i dont mind it being wider track, one reason is i think it should improve handling and also i have a set of the high cut rear wings in fiberglass from highgate, so the tyres shouldnt catch!?  
28/10/2004 00:39:44   simon   I've no first hand experience but speak with HighGate about the dangers with spacers!  

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