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27/10/2004 09:36:43   mark   i got my first 96 in 1989 and wanted wide wheels back then,i have just got myself another 96 and see from your forum that availabilty is still a problem.i have a landrover drum and compared the stud patterns although not the same they are very for all you land rover fans there is a guy called matt lee who makes his own wheels that i reacon could be drilled to fit a 96.these wheels are available in any offset.anyone else tried this route?  
27/10/2004 10:39:26   Richard   You need a lot of material in the wheel ctr as you have to machine a large recess to fit the hub ctr and take the 5 fixing on a large PCD. It sounds possible.  
27/10/2004 17:30:09   mark   mattlee engineering has a web site if you wanted to see the wheels he makes,there called mach 5`s.I`d like to make it clear that i was suggesting approaching this firm to drill out a blank wheel and not for anyone to try and do it themslves.  
28/10/2004 07:51:21   Richard   I was talking about a blank. Companies like minilite would have done it to one of their std range wheels if it was on the cards.  
28/10/2004 07:54:59   Richard   Personally I think they handle rubbish on wide tyres. I am going back to 165 and 155 for rallying as the 175 tyres dont feel the road as well.  
28/10/2004 17:49:07   Alistair   I agree they handle better on 155s, but you can get more outright grip from 175s or 185s, provided you can live with the reduced feel, heavier steering and less forgiving break-away that comes with them. The thing about the wider low profiles isn't just the extra rubber on the road, but the improved compounds that are available in those sizes compared with a "standard" spec tyre.

However, on a standard car with standard springs, I think I'd prefer 155s. Better in the wet, the snow, and less chance of the two wheel antics!  

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