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29/10/2004 23:15:53   ian   Thanks to the monsoon weather i've just noticed how amazingly un-watertight my 96 is. I have a sunroof which you would think would be the culprit but no,Its the only bit that doesn't leak. I get a deluge of water coming down the inside of the bulkhead every time theres the slightest bit of rain. can't figure out how come,bulkhead looks sound and the car leaks just standing still so rains not being forced in. Anyone had similar problems and if so any cures? thanks.  
30/10/2004 10:22:15   James Ayres   My 96 is water tight with no leaks at all, so much so that in the heavy rain of late, I have used it rather than my modern car. If a 96 leaks it must have problems. Perhaps perished rubber seals and/or blocked vents and gutters. I'd be interested in what others have to say but I'd start with a hose pipe, check everywhere, suss what leaks and then suss why. Best of luck and keep dry.  
30/10/2004 12:13:33   ian   Thanks James, i was thinking about sitting a volunteer inside and getting stuck in with a presure washer!,car has had a new windscreen so fresh rubber and the guttering is clear and in good condition. Could the air vent below the windscreen have anything to do with it?  
31/10/2004 07:47:01   ian   have a look up inside where the wiper spindles come into cockpit...choose a dry day and dribble water around this area with someone under looking....seal with o ring or similar...  
01/11/2004 07:51:21   Richard   If the air vent box section seam in the bulkhead is not sealed (rust) it will allow water in. Look under the dash at the bulkhead and you can see the seam it should be like new.  
01/11/2004 18:25:25   Curtis   Ian I had the same problem , with some corrosion high up in the bulkhead. I removed the grey plastic cone between the heating fan and the bulkhead and removed a lot of leaves and debris from the last 27 years (using a wire hanger) which would appear to have blocked the drainage holes and did not allow the water to leave the bulkhead easily. I then attempted to seal in the bulkhead as best I could with etch primer to stabalise and then a sealer. That was three years ago with no problems since , and I annually clear the same area takes half an of luck.  
02/11/2004 16:24:03   ian   Richard the seam was like new but i took the plastic cone of and fished some finest mulch out of the vent , just as you said curtis. Is there normaly a mesh screen here ,seems to be a bit of a design defect hoovering foliage of passing trees! the airvent plumbing underneath was also a bit cobbled together with some very tired gaffa tape! So flexi hoover pipe till i can source a replacement section.
Thanks all for your wisdom.  
03/11/2004 08:06:26   Richard   No there is no mesh, you could add some. Wax oil the inside of the air box, as you can see all the wet muck ends up in the seam.  

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