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01/11/2004 13:40:41   Tom   Hi,

I am looking for new seats to replace my old ones as they are completely wrecked, they were open to the elements for about a year as the saab i now own had smashed windows! i have heard the saab 99 or 900 front seats will fit in if u swap the runners over. Is this true? can the backs one fit too? and if not what options are there? preferably cheap as am a student!

Many thanks

01/11/2004 17:04:16   Senor Burt   What colour do you want? I've got a nice set of brown front seats from 1975 (no tears or holes). I'm not willing to sell them particularly cheap though as seats in this condition are very rare.
They are from a 95, so the rear seats are not the same as a 96.
I too have heard that 99 seats will fit, but never tried it.  
01/11/2004 18:28:58   john wyatt   Tom,

late 96's were fitted with the high back 99 seats so they will fit, that said probably most front seats if you get the runners will go in without that much bother.

I am fairly certain nothing will fit straight into the back of a 96 without a fair bit of fabrication/upholstery work.

02/11/2004 12:45:09   chris reid   i have just fitted the front and back seats out of a 900turbo in to my 96. the front ones went straight in, the rails are the same width so dead simple.
the back seats i had to unstitch cut and stitch up again, it only took me half a day and they look great!  
02/11/2004 13:36:06   Alistair   99/900 fronts - all you need to do is remove the V4 seats, remove the runners, drill the 99/900 runners at the appropriate points and fit using good strong bolts & locknuts.  
04/11/2004 15:12:18   Tom   Excellent, thats really good! can look for some seats from a 900, there are a few of those around in scrapyards

Thanks for the help  
16/11/2004 12:24:25   Nesnah   Got a good pair of 1972 seats from a dark green 96 which you may have cheap.
25 cheap enough ?
Also got a digicamera and an upholosterer's bill  

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