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17/10/2002 11:10:31   Tom   I just got my Saab 96 V4 (1973) back from the welders and I have noticed a noise, which is driving me crazy. I'd be so grateful if anyone could have a go at working out what it is most likely to be. I know this will be hard from my description, but i have no idea what it is. My fear is that it is a transmission/gearbox problem. However, the car is at 105,500 miles now and the gearbox was rebuilt at 94,000 miles.

The noise manifests itself when I am driving along without the freewheel facility (normal car setup). If I take my foot off the accelerator, no matter which gear I am in, I hear a noise coming from the general area of between the gearbox and the left front wheel (an area which was welded last week with a panel at the base of the firewall and under the car as well). If i press the clutch in, the noise goes away. The car had a new Borg & Beck clutch about this time last year. The noise is like that odd noise that a London tube makes when braking, not exactly a grinding or whirring, but a sort of dull metal contact noise.

It is totally doing my head in and despite the gearbox rebuild at 94k, I am fearing the worst.

By the way, if it is the gearbox, can anyone recommend someone who would help me take the engine out and do the work required. I am not flush enough to hand it over to a garage - even if i could find such a garage.
17/10/2002 11:21:50   Tom   Forgot to mention, the transmission oil is new and at the right level. I used Total from Europarts.  
17/10/2002 11:28:41   Steve B   Hi Tom,

If the car wasn't making any noise before you took it to the welders then it is most likely to be something to do with what they did.

Did the welders have to remove the wheel and drive shaft etc..... to do the welding. If they did then I expect that something was not put back correctly. One possibility is the inner CV joint which has a sort of T-bar arrangement with some needle roller bearings, this may not have been put back correctly. This would explain why the noise is only there under engine braking because under acceleration things tend to tighten up and the noise can go.

Try grabing hold of the drive shaft (with the car stationary) and try moving it up and down, in and out, left to right - there should be no major movement or clonking. Compare it with the drive shaft the other side and let us know what you find.  
17/10/2002 11:33:48   Tom   The front left wheel would have been remnoved, but nothing else would have been removed. I will check out this area tonight. I did not think of taking the wheel off to have a closer look. My first thought was gearbox and i reached under it to see if the welders had knocked some rot under there and therefore creating a method for the gerarbox to reverberate around the car.

Thanks for your tip. i will certainly look at this tonight.  

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