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03/11/2004 18:33:22   mark   Does anyone know the sizes of sump guard pictured in S&R catalogue?Does that bar the guard mounts on bolt onto the bumper ions?how does the rear attach? Any info gratfully recieved.  
04/11/2004 10:38:53   Richard   I have a works group two guard on my car, it has been slimed a little at the front by someone. I will have to measure it. I mount mine off the valance, but the works mounted theirs off the bumper. It then fixes to the section under the engine mounts and I use a solid rubber block or wood between the exhaust pipes to mount the rear. I think the works had some fabricated brackets at the rear.  
04/11/2004 12:46:42   Alistair   Group II Guard is for rear exit exhausts, Gp I guard is different and is for exhausts using the standard holes in the floorpan. I think the mounts are different as a result.  
04/11/2004 14:51:20   Senor Burt   Anyone got drawings/pictures/dimensions of the group 1 guard?
I'm going to need one with all these speedbumps around these days.  
05/11/2004 08:00:19   Richard   It depends on what exhaust you use. If you use the std holes in the front of the engine bay then you will need a wider shorter guard a la grp 1.
The grp 2 is narrow and long to protect the exhaust as it exits the rear of the engine bay.
Which will you need?
For gravel a 10 -12mm thick alloy sheet will be required. The works one is also braced by welded strips of a similar thickness.  
07/11/2004 13:50:44   mark   I`ve got a sports exhaust so i`ll be using the standard exit holes in the engine anyone know the dimensions of a group 1 sump guard?  
09/11/2004 16:35:49   Richard   Is it a jetex? What are you using it for, ie road rally, tarmac, gravel?
Colin Wallace in Scotland uses or used a guard for a Jetex system. I could contact him and find out the size and mountings for you.  
09/11/2004 17:28:29   mark   yes,it is a jetex system,road rally mostly.I intended to use 5mm aluminium and stainless steel strip as mentioned in S&R catalogue.  
10/11/2004 08:05:56   Richard   That will be ok for this type of event. I have the homologation for the grp 2 guard and this gives basic dimensions, does anyone at the back of their S & R catalogue have the papers for the grp 1 guard?
I will send an email to Colin in the mean time.  
15/11/2004 16:10:41   mark   I've been trawling through all the saab websites and to be honest i can get a pretty good idea of the width and the front connection/bar arrangment.The mystery is the rear,does it bolt through the engine bay or go right back and bolt through the cockpit floor? you would think the amount of times these saab were rolled there would be a picture of a sump guard!  
15/11/2004 16:15:52   Richard   Take it back to the cockpit floor, thats where my grp 2 mounts. To get some ground clearance you may want to shape a lower section to the guard for the exhaust, keeping the rest of the guard higher up.  
15/11/2004 19:36:38   mark   Thanks Richard.I'll let you know how i get on.  

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