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05/11/2004 13:43:31   Jo Weaver   Hi,
I have a 1975, Saab 96,which until last night, had 2 alloy wong mirrors. I found out this morning that one had been snapped off in the night by a yob! The fact that you couldn't see anything out of them anyway is neither here nor there, so:
Does anyone have a clue where I'd get a passenger wing mirror from? Does anyone have a scrap 96 that I could pinch this part from. I will pay for it.
I'l in Richmond, Surrey and will pay postage etc!  
05/11/2004 15:34:33   Penny   Hi is this becoming an apperdemic! the same thing has happened to me ,if i find more than 1 miiror I will let you know%2e%0d%0aand I througt Liverpool was bad!%2e  
05/11/2004 16:38:19   James Ayres   Hi, just a point on the above. I have lived in Liverpool for 17 years and I have never had a car (modern or classic) vandalised. Liverpool is one of the safest cities in the UK to live in!!!
A proud adopted Liverpudlian.
James Ayres  
05/11/2004 17:12:06   Alistair   James, you have been very lucky my friend.
A not so proud ex-scouser  
05/11/2004 19:07:39   simon   Yeah James,
It's so bad around here that I've even vandalised my own car!
Alright just an angle adjustment, but it did snap the mirror off it's arm :(
HighGate can you get these re-manufactured for us? PLEASE.  
06/11/2004 10:52:22   James Ayres   The area I was brought up in - South side of Dublin, the so called posh side, was so rough that when you bought a car you actually looked for damage, scratches, dints, dings and prangs! Otherwise you'd have them before too long!!!
ps Alister, as Graham Green said "Once a scouser always a scouser" Rejoice in our adversity!  
08/11/2004 08:27:59   Penny   Sorry to have started this Liverpool thing , I have lived in Liverpool all my life and I am approaching 50!. I have proberly been very unlucky over the years or are they just jealous of great cars? Any way if there are any mirrors out their please let me know.  
08/11/2004 12:09:58   Alistair   I've sold all the spare mirrors I am prepared to part with in the last 3 months :-(  
16/11/2004 14:04:47   steve h   Ahh but Alistair..aren't you from Chester?  
16/11/2004 20:38:15   Alistair   I lived round Chester for a long time & went o school in chester but I was born in Fazakerley in Liverpool...why?!  
19/11/2004 10:54:25   steve h   Ive suspected for a long time that I used to know you when I was a teenager (I lived in Guilden Suttion). Did you use to hang out with Dave Sheppard and do remember Mark and his barely alive orange V4. I was his side kick.  
19/11/2004 14:47:41   Alistair   Small world, innit?!

Yes I used to hang around with Sheppard, his green (later green/yellow) 96 was bought off my dad and I navvied for him on a Chester MC 12 car rally once. I vaguely recall someone called Mark, but I'm afraid I don't remember his orange V4 or you...but would probably recognise you though!

Funnily enough, I had a similar memory jogger the other day, from Carl Rose, one of Neil Lockley's mates, over on Saabscene. You know him?

Definitely a small world for us anoraks ;-)


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