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08/11/2004 00:00:38   simon   Dear Max,
i don't know about this but classic mini's are interchangable - do search here.  
08/11/2004 12:37:09   Richard   The 96 cylinder is the same as a mini cooper but only for a certain period. You will have to ask the seller what bore size the cylinder is + brake pipe thread, also look at the bleed nipple position and the back plate pin position.  
08/11/2004 12:56:12   simon   Good points Richard,
I found everything totally compatable, other than the locating pin - easy remedy, drill a new locating hole in the backplate.  
08/11/2004 14:59:01   Senor Burt   The Mini cylinders come in left and right handed don't they? Although it is easy to drill a new hole in the backplate.
Mini cylinders are a different bore I think, but otherwise identical I seem to remember. You won't have any problems if you change both sides. They're cheap enough anyway.  
08/11/2004 20:06:46   simon   Left and right handed the wrong way around!
Egh? yeah I know but you'll understand when you come to fit a pair.
Easily corrected with a drill.
4.26 each inc vat - so change both while your there.  
09/11/2004 10:40:23   Richard   If you fit a normal bore mini cylinder you will get less braking if the bore is smaller.  
09/11/2004 12:17:41   Alistair   I may be wrong but I thought this was t'other way round. Smaller bore means longer throw for the same pedal pressure, i.e. you're moving the same amount of fluid down a narrower tube so it has to go further??

But as most of you know I have been known to get these things wrong from time to time?!  
09/11/2004 15:25:08   Richard   Once you take up the slack ie the shoe moves to the drum it can not move any more. Therefore you can assume it is pushing against an imovable object. Pressure = force/area, the pressure is the line pressure, the force is against the drum. F=PxA for a given press of the foot we can assume P to be the same, therefore to increase the force you increase the area of the cylinder piston.
At the master it is the other way round you are creating a force with your foot, using a piston against fluid to create presure in the brake lines f=force applied by your foot, a= area of the master cylinder, p= the presure created in the pipes which is transmitted to the cylinders.
The only reason the peddle moves is due to the compression of the fluid and taking up the slack in the brakes.  
09/11/2004 17:01:25   kit   Its best to replace any part of the brake system in pairs on older cars because the weaker rubbers can fail under presure given by the newer ones also didn't the 95 and 96 have different sizes  
09/11/2004 20:18:26   Alistair   Been a long time since my physics lessons but I can't argue Rich. Fair play mate...  
09/11/2004 21:45:39   James Ayres   Wow! This one has got complicated! What does E=MC2 mean???  
10/11/2004 08:02:19   Richard   Its basically the amount of energy a mass would give if it was turned into energy. C from memory is the speed of light.  
10/11/2004 08:14:04   Steve B   Yes, I think Proff Richard is right.
The side effect of using a piston with greater area is that the pedal movement will be greater (do you agree ?). So smaller bore wheel cylinders would move faster and therefore apply the breaks with less travel on the pedal but the brakes would be less effective for a given pedal pressure.  
10/11/2004 10:11:24   James Ayres   I was only joking about E=MC2! Although Richard is right 'C' is the constant or velocity which is in this equation the speed of light. 'E' is energy and 'M' is mass. So there, that's that one sorted!  
10/11/2004 10:40:50   Richard   I dont use that one that often.
Steve I agreed with that you get a lot of movement or force depending on bore size, you carnt get both (energy is conserved, it can not be created nor distroyed).  
11/11/2004 10:04:02   paul   unless youre really small, in which case energy can be created as long as you destroy it again within a short enough time... :)  
11/11/2004 10:36:13   Richard   yes and then there was that whole thing about anti-matter as well.  
11/11/2004 13:04:53   James Ayres   For all matter there is anti-matter. Within all matter and anti-matter at the sub atomic level there is nothing, no sustance, just pure energy. When the 'nothings' are conjoined and fused then we experience an energy of cosmic proportions. Beam me up Scotty and all that becomes possible!!! Then we stop talking about mpg and start talking about folds or creases in the space-time continuum...  
11/11/2004 16:38:54   Richard   Is it me, didnt Red Dwarf cover all this before we got solid evidence?  
11/11/2004 20:56:14   Alistair   Eddies in the space time continuum...
Who's Eddie??!!  
12/11/2004 13:34:33   steve h   err.. I have mini slaves (!) fitted to one of my V4s and I can lock the rear wheels if I try hard enough, which is impossible with the standard set up.
Surely then they are a bigger bore!  
15/11/2004 07:52:31   Richard   They are different from Mini to Mini. I know a Cooper at the end of the 60's is the same as a 96, some coopers I think have larger bores and other Minis have smaller bores. It may be due to when brake servos were used? I can only remember this from looking through auto jumbles so I could be wrong.  
15/11/2004 20:08:40   Alistair   I've used 70s Mini Clubman/1275GT ones which might well be the same as the later Coopers. They were fine, and cheap...  

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