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14/11/2004 11:19:16   Richard G   Does anybody know where I can find a replacement clutch hose for my 1974 96v4?(new or s/h). Following on from my previous "clutch problem" thread I've isolated the problem to a leaking hose which is getting progressivly worse. Fluid leaks from where the flexible bit joins the lower metal tube above the slave cylinder and is causing air to enter the system rendering me unable to change gear.  
14/11/2004 11:38:50   ian f   Richard,

Unless one of the forum regulars is able to come to your rescue with a replacement hose it might be quickest to take your knackered one to a hydraulic hose specialist and have the flexible section renewed.

Good luck!

15/11/2004 07:45:14   bill rawles   Look no further than Highgate at the top of the page!  
15/11/2004 07:46:48   Richard   Go for a braided hose and fit and forget. Try Highgate as I think they may have done this in the past.  
15/11/2004 11:46:57   Richard G   I've ordered one from highgate.

Thanks Guys.  

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