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15/11/2004 21:20:28   tom   Having recently bleed the brakes, checked for leaks etc Now have the stop lamp light constantly illuminated (since owning the car have never seen it come on), the peddle is firm maybe a little too hard? I've driven the car and brakes seem to work fine (on private roads). The car has been off the road for about a year now could it simply be the brakes a binding slightly or a bad earth? Still no fluid leaks.
Haven't really had any probs with the brakes so any pointers would be great.

P.S having not driven the 96 for sometime really makes you realise how much fun they are and personally - no modern car comes close!  
16/11/2004 01:45:59   simon   Dear Tom,
Try the physical/electrical contact down near the peddle. Probably just needs pushing back. Sorry for the bad description - have a look 'n' it'll make sence!  
16/11/2004 07:41:37   Richard   Simon will be right, it will be the brake switch or wiring relating to it.  
16/11/2004 08:11:22   Steve B   Hi Tom,
Simon and Richard are almost certainly right. Just to clarify the brake warning light is just a switch which warns of excessive pedal travel it isn't a pad wear indicator like some modern cars.
Near the top of the brake pedal lever (inside the car) you should find a sliding switch which has no spring return. Just slide it back to reset the light. Bleeding the brakes always uses lots of pedal travel and so the switch gets activated. Only if the light comes back on again in normal use, do you have a problem.  
16/11/2004 13:54:04   simon   Nicely put Steve.  

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