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16/11/2004 11:22:43   James Ayres   Hi there, when giving my v4 it's winter wash and wax the v4 badge on the back came off. It seems to have been stuck on with glue or a double sided adhesive. Is this correct? And more importantly, how do I stick it back on to ensure it stays on?
16/11/2004 13:52:58   simon   No nails building adhesive.  
16/11/2004 13:57:17   steve h   or clear silicon  
16/11/2004 14:31:28   bill rawles   double sided tape for sticking numberplates on. Warm it a bit with a hairdrier.  
16/11/2004 19:00:46   simon   Easy with silicone Steve,
as it eats ferrous metal.  
16/11/2004 20:43:10   Alistair   Does it really? No wonder all those 80s cars with cheap & nasty home-fit sunroofs rotted away PDQ!!  

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