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17/11/2004 14:10:13   aleksndr   The driver's door lock of my Saab 96 v4 1975 just broke in 2
I tried to e-mail most of the sites of spare parts from the links section but i did not get any answer from anybody ?
Any chance anybody can help me ?
It is not too easy to get parts in France as there is not many 96s around and the french saab garages/clubs only care about turbos !!
Thank a lot
PS: another question: the back brakes of my saab look like the Morris ' brakes ( mini Cooper) . Are-they the same ?
17/11/2004 14:30:22   Senor Burt   I should be able to find one for you if no-one else has one to hand. I've no idea where one might be amongst my parts stash. Let me know if you're stuck.
The brakes shoes look very similar to Mini, but are bigger. Mini wheel cylinders are interchangeable apparently. See the 'Wheel Brake Cylinder' thread for more discussion on this.  
21/11/2004 10:30:41   david   I had a look at some old brake catalogues recently and gleaned the following information:

95/96 V4 1967-78 Mintex front pads LDB335, rear shoes MLR8 (linings as separate parts: H1/7/2(4) - I assume the (4) means that you need four of them!). I have also been told, by another entusiast, that the Vauxhall Wyvern shoes fit as well (don't suppose there are many of them in France!).

Try eBay - sets of shoes and pads come up for sale on there occasionally. Good hunting.


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