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20/10/2002 15:49:06   Chris   About a year ago I fitted a new clutch to my 72 96 V4 all ok.until lately now when I lift the clutch to change gear and let it up again it slips when taking up the drive again, I have looked at the adjustment that's ok. I thought it may be the cross shaft partly seized but that's free the only thing I can think is the lifting arms on the presure plate are sticking the clutch was a Lux one any idears  
21/10/2002 10:52:43   Alec   If the adjustment is correct then I think you are right in assuming that the pressure plate has had it.
21/10/2002 20:26:50   Chris   Thanks Alec I think the engine will have to come out, not to pleased as I fitted a complete new clutch to try to avoid having to do it again so soon the old clutch had been in there for 29 years from new!  

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