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17/11/2004 18:24:56   Denis Wears   Has anyone any experiance of using a V4 saab in classic trials. I am thinking of events such as the 'Lands End' or the 'Exeter'.
Any suggestions welcomed. Denis  
18/11/2004 00:41:20   Andy Paterson   I'm thinkng of exactly the same thing. went to look at the EDINBURGH trial and the non destructive route - I reckon a decent sump would be all thats needed but you may need to protect the exhaust bit. Hoping to be ready for EXETER 2005  
19/11/2004 14:52:14   Alistair   A couple of the chaps from SMAC used to do this kind of thing, years ago. I think they found strokers performed better than V4s - less weight at the front, lower gearing & more bottom end torque.  
22/11/2004 08:08:16   Richard   They should be good! I want to do one in my std ratty road car. I did a hillclimb in it last year, I hope to use the std car in a number of club events and write about the experience for the driver mag.  

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