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18/11/2004 16:45:03   fiona   i recently bought a beautiful 1973 saab96, with a sunroof. it drives smoothly and the body work is in excellent condition. however, i was assured that the chassis was rust appears to be rotten as a pear...and my mechanic says to get it through it's mot it will cost me 600...which will be almost impossible to get. is it worth trying to mend it's bottom? husband is fuming and says i should get rid of it and buy anything cheap..that thought is thoroughly awful...would i get much for selling it now with only 1 months mot left? is a sunroof model rare?  
18/11/2004 17:50:32   simon   a:
Put your husband on sex rations till he buys a welder and sorts this out for you.
Get another quote for the work.
How far are you from the Sussex coast?  
18/11/2004 17:52:13   simon   Oh yes, the chassis is rust free, as the Saab 96 doesn't have one in the true sence of the word. :0  
18/11/2004 20:38:32   ian meakin   sell your hubby and find a real man who loves SAAB's and can fix your bottom as soon as possible.....that didn't really sound right did it....i can see this thread going down the to speak  
19/11/2004 10:26:14   James Ayres   600 does sound Extortionate! Surely there must be other options available! To answer Fiona's questions: 1st You wouldn't get must for one with a rotten bottom even if it did have a sun roof! But there must be enthusiasts on this forum who can think creatively, we are afterall trying to save another 96! And Fiona obviously loves her car...  
19/11/2004 11:39:03   mark   I bought my 96 on ebay and was told it was solid,Im still welding.Its not the welding that takes time its the metal fabrication,all that bending and cutting takes time.You can buy a mig welder for about 300 or hire one.They are not hard to use and you are learning a new skill! Or at least your husband is.  
19/11/2004 14:38:05   Alistair   Sorry to hear your news and also sorry to sound like a clever so & so, but it just goes to show you should get this sort of thing checked out by professionals if you're not sure about it yourself, before committing money to an old car (or even a new car!)

Let's get a couple of things straight. There were never any Saab 96s sold with a sunroof as an original feature, what you have is a later addition, and as such it doesn't really add anything to its value nor detract from it.

600 is nothing if the rot is bad. What's that, 12-15 hours labour plus some materials? It doesn't go far. Your car, without an MOT and obviously needing some major surgery is worth very little, either as a parts car or as a restoration project. You might get a couple of hundred on eBay.

But don't dispair! If you invest the 600 (and I would still shop around for alternative quotes before accepting that offer), you will have a car that you know for certain has been sorted, presumably the work will come with some kind of guarantee if done by a pro, and the car you know and love will be fine again.

Alternatively, you could buy another car you don't know for the 600 and throw twice as much at it in the next 12 months, keeping it on the road.

I think we can all support the idea of going from a pear to a nicer, more solid bottom... ;-)
20/11/2004 15:50:16   kit   Are you a member of SEC? also who did the MOT I know the MOT is only valid on day of issue but I've taken cars back before and got a redress. Also whilst not having a chassis its what most people call the the dirty part underneath it is worth repairing,if you intent to keep the car and the drive train ,brakes interior are all ok the sunroof could be taken out and put in another saab  
22/11/2004 10:58:36   Richard   Where are you based? We could probably direct you to a known Saab garage or enthusiast. If its the sills etc that need replacing (not replating) 600 is cheap, think what a modern car would cost you in servicing etc.
You can learn to do a lot of jobs yourself, sod the Hubby, get your hands dirty.  
19/12/2004 18:17:01   freewheeler   I could do it properly for you
I have new sills & jacking points here now
19/12/2004 21:52:35   ian   I think its changed hands again, was on ebay the other week but i don't know who the happy or unhappy owner is.  
30/12/2004 22:04:57   Martin   To weld up a V4 is a easy thing to do, (compared with other cars). The reason for this the comparably thick sheet metal that the underside is made of, plus the fact that there are few curved shapes that have to hammered before welding.
My brother owned over 20 96 V4;s and myself around 10.
An original sunroof V4 over here is high priced and relatively rare, do not dump it!
Regards Martin


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