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19/11/2004 14:50:42   Alistair   Anyone heard recently from the chap who was looking to produce heated screens for 96s?

I've emailed him several times asking for more info on the project, but apart from telling me there is more interest in rears than fronts I've had nothing back...

Anyone know any more?  
21/11/2004 13:59:38   ian f   Alistair,

The last email I had from him said that numbers were building up slowly. I'll be speaking to him some time this week about another matter. Are there any particular questions that you'd like me to ask on your behalf?

22/11/2004 12:06:58   Alistair   Thanks Ian, but I'll speak to him myself when I get round to it.

I just get more than a bit peed off when people in business don't respond to your emails, even when you chase them. Doesn't strike me as particularly good customer service (grr!).

Rant over...  
23/11/2004 06:57:51   ian f   Alistair,

You might be able to drum up some interest and hopefully push up the numbers by mentioning the screens in your next article in 'Driver'.
23/11/2004 11:07:33   Alistair   Yeah, I did mention it in the last Driver and was hoping to publish some more info this time round, but have been unable to get any...nobody has been touch as a result of the last article though.  
23/11/2004 17:22:22   Senor Burt   There's not that many in the SOC drive their V4's in winter........  
23/11/2004 23:32:50   simon   "There's not that many in the SOC drive their V4's in winter........" sadness beyond comprehension.  
24/11/2004 21:22:13   ian f   I can't believe that I'm the only person in the UK whose V4s live on the street and get used throughout the year!  
24/11/2004 21:36:31   James Ayres   No, my v4 lives on the street and gets used throughout the year also!!! How many others?  
24/11/2004 22:30:14   john   Mine also, does not get used as much as it should sadly  
25/11/2004 07:55:38   Richard   I drove the Shed as my only road car since I passed my test. For the last 10 months I have been using my Grandads Astra. Its just that I can fit all my friends, camping gear and bike on the back at once and it uses half the petrol.
Now I am competing all my spare time goes into the two rally cars and I dont have time for keeping on top of the shed as a road car. Last time out I did a hillclimb in it(finished two seconds off one of the f1000 rally cars in a std V4 on Camac tyres) and it will be going on our clubs scatter rally next Tuesday.  
25/11/2004 11:49:41   Steve B   My v4 is my daily drive allt hrough the year. The worse the weather is, the more I enjoy driving it.  
25/11/2004 14:54:45   Senor Burt   I drive a 25 grand Vauxhall and only bring my V4 out from its climate controlled garage when we've had at least 2 weeks solid sunshine so there's no risk of any moisture whatsoever getting onto it.

Not really. I have a 250 shed of a 900i until I have the time/money/inclination to get my 95 or 96 back on the road.  
25/11/2004 20:24:21   Alistair   Well the garage isn't climate controlled, it's a barn with Great big 'oles in t'roof, er, and I've not actually managed to get it on the road at all yet, but otherwise that's close to correct ;-)  
26/11/2004 10:10:10   Senor Burt   I'm sure my description fits others more closely than you Mr P.  
06/12/2004 13:06:28   steve h   Both mine live on a Hackney street and are driven all year round.  

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