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20/11/2004 20:35:46   Richard   Hello
When I go over white lines, man holes or sometimes round a corner the back end of my 95 seems to slide. Is this what the 95 should do or is it telling me something. The tiyers seem ok so could it be suspension. It makes for a interesting drive but could it be a death trap on wheels ?  
21/11/2004 10:19:23   david   Sounds as though it's time to check the dampers (they can be topped up with fluid if necessary - be very "clean" though) and replace them if there are signs of leakage or they don't operate properly. Re-manufactured ones can be had for around 65 retail (try Martin at parts-for-older-cars). The suspension bushes may also be on the way out or perished - again, new sets are available. There were some for sale on Rolf jensen's site the last time I looked. What tyre pressures are you running? - worth checking but suspension seems the best bet for first-look.  
22/11/2004 08:03:38   Richard   Also tell us what tyres you are running front and rear.  
22/11/2004 12:00:59   Alistair   No way it should be that lively. Already covered by the previous chaps but definitely sounds like any of:
tyres (old/perished/underinflated/overinflated/crap)

You don't have cross plies on the back do you?!!  
22/11/2004 20:33:28   Richard   Hello
No I havn't got cross plies on back but might invest in a new set of tyres anyway, can anyone recomend best ones to get and from were. Will get garage to check dampers etc. Once again thanks for all your help.  
23/11/2004 07:57:49   Richard   If you are using Barums then they will be like cross-plies!
Camac are cheapish and not too bad with a good open pattern, Toyo make some called 330 and Toyo rubber is usually good (not cheap).  
23/11/2004 11:09:04   Alistair   I'm out of touch with road tyres for them, last set of 155s I bought were Firestone F560s and they were pretty good, but that was about 12-14 years ago...!  
23/11/2004 16:07:24   ian   If it is a dodgey rubber problem, have firestone f560 in a 155 sr 15 size for 32.50 which seems a bit of a bargain.  
23/11/2004 17:43:29   James Ayres   I have firestones on my 96 v4 and they are fab, they cost me 40 each, balanced and fitted by, believe it or not, Kwik Fit!  
23/11/2004 22:34:51   Alistair   32.50? Bargain. Blimey, that means you can get a full set for the price of one corner on the Beige Barge. Hmm, must get cheaper (& more reliable!) car next time...!!!  
24/11/2004 07:49:16   Richard   Ian have a look at the Camac's they have a pattern that will work on mud and gravel, dont seem bad on the road. I dont know if they do a 155.  

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