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22/11/2004 14:02:31   Richard   All,

Our plans for next years motorsport are beginning to take shape. We will be competing in the BHRC (British Historic Rally Championship) in the post historic class C1 up to 1300cc in a Skoda 120S. We are aiming to do at least 6 rounds with a possibility of entering the Manx to take the number up to 7 rounds if required. My Saab will act as back-up, should we have a major problem with the Skoda. We hope to win class C1 which is our aim.
I will also try to put something together to compete in next years RAC in my Saab 96 V4 post historic class C3 rally car. Hopefully the organises can build on this years event and include some more forest mileage at a not too inflated entry fee. This will be a huge expense and logistic challenge. I may consider hiring the Skoda out on the RAC to help fund the Saab.
Any help or sponsorship is welcome

Confirmed sponsor for next season;

H.J.Helliwell & Sons RACING
Farmers . Contractors . Land & Property Leasing . Web Design

Many Thanks
Richard Simpson
23/11/2004 09:42:38   Richard   Latest sponsors for next season;

Helliwell & Sons RACING has been a supporter of our team since we started, infact without their generous nature we would have found it hard to start rallying. They provide us with two alarmed garages and are great friends of ours. They are farmers near Retford, but their business covers a lot more, including storage, farming contracting, Land & Property Leasing and Web Design, they also have a very good events field and camping/caravan site.
I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our latest sponsor Simon Jackson of Thewaxworks. Simon's company is at the fore front of rust prevention on motor vehicles, from Classics to modern. Simon is also a rally nut and offers services to the competition car owner and at the moment looks after several Saab 96 rally cars for owners. Simon will be providing on event service for the team in 2005 along with possible help with the 96 for the RAC.

H.J.Helliwell & Sons RACING
Farmers . Contractors . Land & Property Leasing . Web Design

You can contact us on
0191 281 8395
Please note-if there is no one to take your call on this number you will be diverted to another number at no extra cost, just hold the line and you will be connected.
07900 813717


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