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23/11/2004 22:30:07   Alistair   Posted on behalf of another well-known UK V4 owner:

----------------------------------------------------------- wondered if you, ... have access to the V4 parts microfiche.

What I need to know is part number(s) & onward chassis numbers for the very last type of road spring fitted to 96s. I know the change is somewhere about 1977/8 when they become slightly shorter (& stiffer) but I am not sure whether this was front & rear, or just front.

Unfortunately this information will only be on fiche as they had stopped parts books by then. If you can also access the technical spec that would be a bonus but I can't think where you will find that.


Anyone got any clues, especially our Scandinavian friends?

This chap has one of the last 95s produced (78 I think, and converted to RHD) as well as one of the last 200 Jubilee 96s.

Thanks In Advance  
24/11/2004 07:55:25   Richard   My 1976 96 has different front and rear springs to the 1973 car, shorter. I thought they put some sports springs on the last years models, although I can not remember Tom's 1980 example having them anything different to my 1976 car.  
24/11/2004 19:29:39   simon   Unfortunately I have lost the master but "Tom" was forwarded this in an e-mail sometime ago.  
24/11/2004 21:10:49   toby   v4 parts microfiche,i have a set of microfiches for 96 v4 at work that i saved in the parts department when we went to computers. i will have a look on saturday morning when is it quiet and i can dig the light box out, if this is any help to you  
25/11/2004 00:52:25   Alistair   Yes please!!

Toby, you're a gent, have a gold star ;-)  
25/11/2004 08:48:30   Alec   Now, if only we could get those microfiche transferred to CD......  
28/11/2004 08:37:45   toby   i have dug out the light box just got to get it working monday, will have the answer monday pm  
29/11/2004 17:28:59   'Tom'   Sorry, been a bit preoccupied of late and only just read this.
Front Coil Springs
Year/model Length No. of coils Wire diameter
1967 391mm 9 1/2 11.7mm
1968-70 405mm 10 1/2 12mm
1971 416mm 10 1/2 12mm
Certain exports 368mm 9 3/4 12.5mm
1972 381mm 9 1/2 12.5
Certain exports 359mm 9 12.5

rear coil springs
Length 342mm - no more data available  
29/11/2004 18:35:21   toby   front springs
prt no: from chassis no:
7371677 96827413
7372063 96723000001
last part no: listed is for heavy duty export spring
asterix on fiche showes this as a sports spring
Rear springs
part no: from chassis no:
7093834 96752061717
7200595 96786000012
last part no: listed show heavy duty export spring
asterix on fiche showes this as a sports spring
hope this is some use to you
if anybody needs any thing else of the fiche let me know  
01/12/2004 23:22:39   Alistair   Thanks Toby. I'm not quite sure how to interpret all that but I've sent off to the chap asking the question and hopefully it will mean something to him.

Thanks again
06/12/2004 15:08:58   richard Vigouroux-Henday   Hi & thanks everbody who is working on the V4 road spring question I had posed to the O.C..

Like Toby I had the fiche in my hand in my dealer days, I know the last fiche was fairly up-to-date as it had the front & rear spoilers shown on it and at the time there was info about saying the latter cars were fitted with springs which lowered the ride height and, judging by my '79 car, now sold, were considerably stiffer.

One theory is that these were in fact fitted post 1976 on, and had orange colour code but I cannot be sure about that. Remark from Richard suggests it may be right, in which case I need to have a comparison between a '77 car and a late one to be sure.

The crucial point is that the ride height is lower, not just that the springs are shorter in their free length, which may also be true.

The info Toby has put up is intresting in that it lists special rear springs for 1978on on Finnish made cars, which would be correct, but the apparently companion front spring is shown for 1972on.


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