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28/11/2004 09:31:45   toby   i have just scrapped at work a very rusty 99 turbo.on removing the radiator i noticed the electric cooling fan is fitted in front of the rad.i thought this would make a good conversion for my v4.i have a spare front panel at home so i will start to fabricate some brackets but i need to know your thoughts on the following,
1.what is the best way to mount a temp sensor,fabricate it into the rad,thermostate housing,or top hose. it best to fit a over ride switch for emergencies.
3.what is the best way to wire up a relay for the fan, for example using the temp sensor to switch negative or positve through the a relay.
Richard might have thoughts on this as his rally car has has one fitted
29/11/2004 07:50:31   Richard   1, I have mine in the top hose in the white car, it works fine but when you turn off the engine the hot water rises and switches the fan on 5 mins after you turned her off.

2, yes.

3, let me check, relay and fuse required.

You can strap through the rad with some long thin bolts or mount off the front panel and have a plug on the wiring so you can remove the panel and fan. You need to have the fan tight up against the rad core.  

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