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28/11/2004 10:17:53   toby   as i am fitting a electric cooling fan the old mecanical one can go!.do i need to remove the old fan pulley,can i use it with the original belt or do you recomend using a shorter belt and getting rid of the pully any one know what belt to use/part no/size in case i need to remove pully.thanks.  
29/11/2004 07:44:00   Richard   Take the fan off and use a shorter fan belt. I used a slim 10" fan in front of the rad, you may need to make some new top rad straps and lean the top of the rad back a little bit. This way you dont need to mess with the engine front cover to gain clearance.  
29/11/2004 07:46:46   bill rawles   I removed the fan from the pulley but left the pulley in place with the standard size belt as it seemed easiest. You can remove the pulley as well if you want to but I don't know the length of the belt you need for that.

If you remove the fan fom the pulley just be careful as it is quite hard/almost impossible to do without knackering the fan and thus making it hard to put back.  

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