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28/11/2004 21:43:37   Alex   I am currently writing a biography of my late grandfather. I know that he drove a saab v4 and a saab hillman minx during the 1960s, but would like to research this further. Does anyone have any advice on how I could find out more about these cars and how much they would have cost at the time?

Thanks for your help
29/11/2004 07:38:20   Richard   Owners clubs, Practical Classics mag, DVLA?  
29/11/2004 09:06:31   James Ayres   Web sites...  
01/12/2004 23:26:57   Alistair   I know our old 66 long nose 2 stroke came with the original bill of sale and it was about 600 I think, I believe new V4s were around 850 in the late 60s and went up to the top end of 1500-1800 in the 70s.

The book Saab - the First Million and The Saab Way will be good sources of info, also try

Good luck with your search, anything specfic you want to know just ask and one of us is bound to know the answer or maybe just able to make up a plausible one!  

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