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29/11/2004 13:05:15   Tom   The fan switch on my V4 has stopped working on position 1, but still works on full blow position 2. has anyone else encountered this and know how to fix it?
30/11/2004 08:05:22   Richard   Either the switch contacts, or have a look for a tapped resistor on the wiring diagram, but I have a feeling that as the V4 blower motor has three contacts the motor will have a third brush at an angle to the full speed opposing brushes that will give you a reduced speed. This would be a more likely cause to the problem.
Sorry for the sketchy answer, but I have never had such a problem and dont have a wiring diagram infront of me.  
01/12/2004 15:30:07   bill rawles   Start by checking the obvious, are the 3 wires on the fan within the engine bay connected and secure/uncorroded and likewise for 3 connections on the back of the dashboard switch?

If they are ok then investigate the 3 wires connected into the fan with a multi-meter or one of those little screwdrivers with the bulb built into it.

One of the wires will be an earth, according to Haynes its black. With everything switched off, disconnect the 3 wires (remembering their sequence) and connect your test screwdriver to each in turn and the battery's live post. One of the 3 will light up, disregard that one as that is your earth and must be ok for the fan to work on speed 2.

Connect your test screw driver to the battery negative or any good earth. Now turn the ignition on and test the other 2 wires in turn with the fan switch on speeds 1 and 2. If both switch positions light the test lamp then the switch is ok and the fan must be at fault. If the switch is faulty on speed 1 then you will only get power out through one of the wires.

That at least narrows it down to the switch or the fan and I would be tempted to say just replace whichever one is faulty. In my experience, once Lucas the Prince of Darkness casts his spell into a component it is never the same again.

Incidently I cant see any reason why you cant connect the speed 2 position on the back of the switch into the speed 1 position on the fan, that will give you less heat in the meantime. ie the fan will only run on low speed instead of only fast.

01/12/2004 16:43:27   Richard   yOU COULD JUST SWITCH THE TWO POSITIVES ROUND ON THE FAN bILL. Oh I keep on doing the caps thing. If the switch gives you full speed on the fist setting and it stops on the top setting then the motor is at fault.  
03/12/2004 22:17:03   Tom   Thanks for the advice. It turned out to be a corroded connection on the heater itself. Working fine now but i did knacker the switch in the process of trying to get it off, so looking for a replacement.  
03/12/2004 22:24:45   Alistair   I think I have a couple in my pile, will try & check it out over the weekend.  

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