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04/12/2004 12:39:50   paul   I'm using a Castrol lead additive to unleaded in my standard 1498cc V4 96.

They also do one with an octane booster.

Is there any reason to go for the booster, apart from a little extra oomph?  
04/12/2004 21:27:40   James Ayres   Check out previous (loads of them) postings for more info on this. However, I use the octane boost and my v4 goes really well. Essentially higher octane means combustion will be higher resulting in lower temperatures and thus less valve deterioration - longer life. I also use LRP which is higher octane but there's no industry standard on LRP so it's best to use the same make all the time. Most Tescos have it for about 2p extra a litre. As I say, see other postings for more info and opinions...  

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