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05/12/2004 14:09:00   paul   I have been giving my radiator and coolant a drain out and clean.

The manuals state the capacity is aprox 8 litre, but when I tried to fill up, I barely got 1 litre in.

Am I missing something?  
05/12/2004 16:09:50   Alistair   Yes! 1 litre would barely fill the rad, let alone the whole system.

How did you drain it and how did you refill?  
05/12/2004 16:24:10   paul   Ok; newcomer to this lark;

I've filled the system through the rad cap now, and 5 or 6 litres have gone in.

Expect it will settle a little more.

Expect more dumb questions on the next job.  
05/12/2004 18:16:24   simon   Don't forget to run your sytem and bleed the heater, at least twice for air traps.  

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