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06/12/2004 20:47:42   Paul   Any Idea what subframe is needed for 96 to fit Corbeau Forza seats (possible coversion frame?)  
07/12/2004 07:42:24   Richard   I bolt the rear of the seat to a piece of RHS that is welded from sill to sill along the top of the steel section that runs behind the seats. The front of the seats have their own legs at the front
In the other car I used the old seat frame and cut it down so that the bit you sit on was welded on top of the
part of the frame with the runners on. You can make some brackets to fit the seat and retain the original seat runners (no good for stage rally use).  
07/12/2004 20:07:12   Paul   Thanks Richard I will try the 2nd idea for the time being, as I only intend to a attempt Historic Rallying for the time being.  
22/12/2004 21:49:13   jonathan   Paul,
I recently installed a pair of Corbeau A4's in a '72 model 95. I acquired a pair of Corbeau universal adapters and bolted them to a piece of 1/4 inch diamond steel plate that bolts on top of the seat braces. (The metal loops that are welded to the floor used to attach the seat rails bolt to) I found this works better than constructing a new sub frame to fit the stock runners.

When we tried adapting the A4's to the sub frame of an old pair of Saab seats, they ended up riding too high and I almost had to bend forward to see out of the windshield. The steel plate system worked much better and was way easier to construct. Also, Corbeau's sliders work much better than the old Saab ones ever did. Very simple yet quite stong.

Confused yet? I can send pics of the adapter plate and the Corbeau universal sliders if you need. Just let me know.
23/12/2004 08:08:29   Richard   That system should be fine too. My seat frame is twice the std Saab frame tubes high. I sit very slightly lower than a std seat and I have extented runners a la Eric because I am a bit tall. I have always found the V4 std seats too close to the front bulkhead and have to operated the brake with the side of my foot. I now have a car I have comfortable control over the pedals (the accelerator is also modded to give better position for my big feet to get on the brake and loud pedal at the same time).
I do sit quite upright, I dont do the layed back straight arm approach. I like to have the wheel so when I hold it at the top of the rim with my arm trying to extent, my shoulder will push against the seat back and stop my arm from going straight.
I have the seat runners clipped so they will not move for safety reasons. Been in a few crashes over the years which is why the Rally car has box sections running from sill to sill. My big off pushed the floor and sill up a foot under my seat and it hurt. The floor is not as strong as you think, so a box section was welded from sill to sill and accross the floor to add strength. If you crash upside down the shell is very strong, but if you land on something from underneath then it is not.  
24/12/2004 00:39:50   Paul   Jonathan and Richard.
Thanks for info. I did indeed get a pair of universal adapters and bolted them straight to the floor with a 40 x 40 box section under the front to give a little recline as I have short welsh legs and long arms! I must admit I do like to sit quite low down in the car but perhaps I will regret this and have to alter at a later date. Pictures would be nice anyway. The other thing is why do they make harnesses so short on the webbing on the passengers side(left) as it wont reach the factory attachment point, will have to alter. Drivers side OK.
24/12/2004 08:01:42   Richard   I sit a bit lower in the rally car, keeps head away from the roof, but I moved the seat up a bit as I tended to be peering over the front of the car over crests.
If I was doing low speed test round cones I would wish to sit a bit higher, I would not see the cones in the rally car.  
24/12/2004 18:05:43   Paul   Good point Richard not being able to see cones over the bonnet, see I'v got all this to learn. Should be very interesting when I do my first one.!!  

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