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10/12/2004 20:07:52   Richard   Hi, Just wondering if it's possible to increase the power of a 95s head lights. Whats the brightest bulbs I can fit or do I need to put a different light in alltogether. Any suggestions as driving home at night they don't seem to bright.  
11/12/2004 22:46:10   Alistair   I used to use 130/80W H4 bulbs - that's 130W main and 80W dip. Not entirely legal for road use, but made a big difference. You need to check your wiring is all OK and the fuses have an appropriate rating. Downside is they don't seem to last long.  
13/12/2004 16:04:10   Andy Paterson   Some of the high power bulbs are not made to exact tolerances so you can lose a lot of the power. My understanding is the methods used by Phillips and Osram are class leading and so you can get more light in the right place on the lens - not cheap though  
13/12/2004 19:17:59   bill rawles   The modern generation of whiter than white bulbs from any decent car accesory shop do make a difference on older vehicles without the risk of overloading your electrical circuits.

Fancy bulbs are quite expensive though, 25 - 30 for the pair.  
14/12/2004 09:57:17   Alec   I would highly recommend Osram Silver Star bulbs. they are standard wattage so will cause no problems and throw much more light. Best place to buy them is Powerbulbs.  
15/12/2004 09:11:57   James Ayres   Hi Alec, I had a look at the Powerbulbs link above. Forgive me if this makes me a 'thicky', what's meant by the 'H1' H4' and 'H7'? And which one is best for the v4?  
15/12/2004 10:28:07   Alec   It is just the fitting type - you need H4  
18/12/2004 20:40:23   Richard   Hello
Thanks for the advise I got some bulbs from Powerbulbs. Very quick service and now I can seen the road.  

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