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11/12/2004 10:11:29   James Ayres   Hello all. I hope this isn't too perplexing. My reverse light is on when it shouldn't be, ie, when I'm driving forwards. Also, and I'm sure this is awkward, it doesn't seem to happen all the time! Any ideas?
11/12/2004 14:04:20   Senor Burt   A lever on the gear linkage operates a switch for the reversing light that is screwed to the top of the gearbox. It's probably sticking on. Try spraying it with electrical cleaner to free it up. Press it a few times to make sure it's springing back properly.  
11/12/2004 22:49:50   Alistair   If it's intermittent then that sounds the most likely cause.

Reminds me of how I used to have a good anti-tailgater mechanism on the old rally car - 100W H2 spot lamp on boot as additional reversing light, and if you just pulled the gear lever towards you far enough to give 'em a quick flash they soon backed off ;-)  

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