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13/12/2004 10:16:35   Tom   Anyone know how to re-wire a 1980 so that the lighst are not always on?  
14/12/2004 10:50:52   Alistair   Which lights do you mean? It should have Day Running Lights at that age, but the headlights shouldn't be on.

If you want the DRLs off, why?!  
14/12/2004 14:46:12   Richard   It has its headlights on dip because it was used in Sweden until a couple of years ago and therefore has to comply with curent law.
I would recon you could disconect some wires from the back of the switch that powers the dip beam in the off position. Test the switch conections with a meter to see what they do as you rock the switch.  
14/12/2004 21:15:13   ian meakin   big hammer would do it  
15/12/2004 07:49:27   Richard   just take the bulbs out, rather than use a hammer.  
15/12/2004 14:08:04   simon   Nah, remove fuses; even less messy.  
15/12/2004 14:49:10   Richard   jUST DONT DRIVE IT, WASH IT AND ADMIRE.  
15/12/2004 16:32:59   ian meakin   use only after dark/..problem solved  

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