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16/12/2004 21:21:28   john   A company called specialist cars, are advertising the last 96 ever made on their site at the moment well worth a look, does anyone know who had it before?, if there was an active club with funds and sufficient interest a piece of history like this would surely be worth having.

17/12/2004 20:29:37   Alistair   Well what they say isn't strictly accurate, the VERY last 96 has pride of place in the Saab museum in Trollhatten. What they have is one of the last 300 (like Tom M's) but in Acacia Green rather than Aquamarine.  
17/12/2004 22:23:52   Tom   Looks nice. I really like that colour, but i prefer the aquamarine and the Ronal alloys. Interesting to see the price. Mine is insured for that amount, but i wonder what it would actually fetch if i let it go.  

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