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17/12/2004 14:09:09   paul   Anyone know the correct setup for a stock v4 with this carb (main jet, venturi size, emulsion tube/jet, idle jet, accelerator pump jet etc)??? want to make sure everything is right as the car has always had a slight misfire under load (could also be the vacuum advance...)
Cheers for any advice  
07/03/2005 17:20:16   paul   Many thanks to ian for the list of jets and other assorted advice, but the problems dont seem to be going away...
I noticed my car was running lean (clean glazed plug cores) so decided to check the jetting, i was running 165 main, 175 air, 50 idle and 4.5 aux venturi (should be 155, 175, 47, 3.5). I have now increased the main to a 175, then to a 190, and put in cooler plugs thinking maybe they were running too hot (from N9 champions to N7). But the plugs are STILL too clean for my liking, although they are sooty around where outer metal part of the plug is. With a 190 main im starting to worry about bore wash etc, to be honest this carb is starting to give me a headache. Does anyone have any suggestions???


P.S. Im running a K&N filter  
08/03/2005 09:12:49   paul   oh yeah, forgot to say that changing the dizzy solved the misfire  
08/03/2005 13:35:59   Steve H   If it runs to temperature, doesnt misfire, doesnt consume too much fuel...erm...don't worry - be happy.  
08/03/2005 22:58:49   Alistair   If you're worried about mixture, spend 25 on a rolling road session & get the emissions checked out thoroughly. I'd also suggest a change to NGK plugs, never had much luck with Champion myself - IIRC BP6ES are he right ones...  
09/03/2005 12:05:40   Max   I am also using the BP6ES NGK spark plugs. Sometimes the car is hard to start when it's cold outside.
I wondered if it'd be better using BP7ES with a mildly tuned (95hp) 1,5 V4? What are the factors that make a usage of spark plugs for a higher temperature neccessary?

09/03/2005 13:28:11   Alistair   BP6ES should still be OK, they only used BP7ES in 99 turbos which will run far hotter than your V4.  
09/03/2005 13:33:27   Max   Ok thanks Alistair.
Next qestion: Is it neccessary to nitrate (or make the surface harder in any other way) the valve seats after milling them to the wanted dimesions for fitting bigger valves. Or should I fit seat rings for uleaded petrol same time?

09/03/2005 14:22:15   Senor Burt   You might as well fit valve seats, you're going to be running unleaded and additives aren't nearly as good as lead.  
10/03/2005 23:06:43   Max   Is it neccessary to fit hardened valve seats both to outlet and inlet valves or is it enough to do it on the outlet side only?

11/03/2005 11:30:30   Max   ??
14/03/2005 23:57:36   Max   Hi experts,
can someone give me an answer to my question above - sorry for being so importunate fellows- but it's really important to know for me because I'm gonna give my heads to the engine-man in less than two weeks.

My new valves 42/37mm and springs look great (both from 3.0 V6)! In combination with a 1.7 crank and pistons this engine's gonna ROCK the streets!


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