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18/12/2004 20:38:15   Richard   Hello I wonder if you can help. The altenator has died on my 1972 Saab 95 and to order a recon etc they are asking for a serial number. The one I have is really beaten up and I can't seem to find a number on it. Anyone know what number I should quote? or any ideas where I can get one ASAP as I use my car to get to work.  
19/12/2004 16:50:11   Senor Burt   Haynes says it's a Bosch K1. Don't know whether this is enough information.  
19/12/2004 20:29:05   Richard   I gave them the information out of the Haynes but they said they needed more. I would of thought that would of been enough.  
19/12/2004 22:21:01   ian f   Richard,
According to the Saab Service Manual, the alternator is a Bosch K1 14V 35A 20. There is a label on my alternator bearing the number 0120 400 656 657 (the final 3 digits might be 637).
Hope this helps.

20/12/2004 19:14:40   toby   richard,
the part number off the 96 v4 microfiche is:k1 14V 35A20

very late 96 production lists part no:K1 14V 55A20
I would go for the first one as this is the most common unit
another way around the problem is to get your alternater recondioned instead of an exchange unit  
21/12/2004 10:59:32   erik   I disagree with Toby : the late model is 55Ah thus gives a lot more charge. You might need that when you mount extra lights or (here we go again) a heated rear window.
Since it's Bosch manufactured I pressume neither would be difficult to find.  
03/01/2005 21:31:30   Derek   If you change the original 35amp alternator (mine's on a '76 96) to a 55amp, do you need to change the control box?  
06/01/2005 12:21:27   Richard   No I dont think so  

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