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11/11/2002 16:25:36   bill rawles   Can anyone recommend a resonably sure method of loosening the screws that hold the rear wings of a 96 on to the car. I've given mine a few exploratory whacks with an impact driver but do not want to really lay in to them for fear of distorting the wing or the box section underneath.

I have a set of stud extractors so drilling into them and then trying the extractors might be a plan.

Do they screw into the same type of fixing that holds the front wings on?  
12/11/2002 09:19:58   Alec   Hi Bill,
From what I remeber there are 2 type of fixing on the rear wings. There are screws into speed-nuts (like the front wings) toward the rear of the wing up to the top edge of the bootlid and then bolts into captive nuts around the rest of the wing.
They often sieze and cause problems. The screws could be drilled through if necessary as you can then easily replace the speednut. Your best bet with the bolts is to spray loads of wd-40 or similar into the box section onto the captive nuts from inside the boot and behind the rear panels next to the rear seat.
14/11/2002 00:47:19   Alistair Philpott   Agree with Alec. They do get well seized after many years of salt & grime! If you don't mind the non-originality aspect, I have chiselled off some of the captive nuts before now and replaced with screws & lock nuts with the biggest washers you can fit, not very elegant but does the job! Make sure you cover them with plenty of waxoyl once you replace them...  
18/11/2002 13:31:57   Steve H   Having just done this job myself,I agree but suggest the degree of brute force required has been understated. Mole grips are also useful to lock on the bolt heads you will round off. They will then either undo or snap. Either will allow you to take the wing off and so get clearance to drill out the snapped ones.

Have fun. Its a mucky, bloody knuckled job. Getting then back on is fun too.  
04/12/2002 20:21:17   jake   beware! bill before you use any brute force check the structure on the bodywork and be shure it can take the hamering the chances are if the wings are rusted to the extent that they need replaced then the body around them wont be all that better so a gently gently aprouch may be called for and as alec says a soaking with wd 40 may do the trick if you are replacing the wings then a line ground along the edge of the wing will weaken them enough to gently cut them of very close to the bolt heads ,if you cant get the vice grips to turn them out then it's not the first time i've ground the heads of right into the old wing to flush them of then griped the inbored side of the bots and turned them in the way, the two at the top you could drill and maybe screw them it as acsess is poor to these ones but if all else fails then it's acme bolts and penny washers they do the job just as well and are dead cheap from any motor factor i refited all the wings on my car in this way useing body chaulking in place of the saab plastic seals witch to my mind cause most of the problems in the first place all the best jake  

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