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06/01/2005 16:40:48   kit   Have you seen the SAAB ENTHUSIASTS CLUB events for this year plenty to do and overdose on SAABS etc  
07/01/2005 08:03:10   Richard   I fancy the Malvern meet and then do the Hillclimb at Prescott. I will see as its a bit of a trek with the Saab on the trailer on the mororways.  
08/01/2005 00:16:41   David   Was that a freufdian slip, Richard? perhaps you were trying to type "moronways"! I might try to make the Malvern meeting. Don't forget the Bristol Classic Car Show on 29/30 Jan at Shepton Mallett but don't expect to see my 95V4 there - it's still too scruffy to take anywhere outside the local area! I may take my 99T ....  
10/01/2005 09:01:53   Richard   Moronways is abouty righty mi tinky.  

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