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06/01/2005 18:37:59   Steve   we've been having a year long problem with the clutch on a V4 1971. We've had a reconditioned slave cylender and a full new cluch but still having problems engaging first gear. It's really crunchy seems to get a bit better as the car warms up. The clutch has only done about 70 miles- any ideas or is it a problem we will just have to live with.  
06/01/2005 19:32:55   Alistair   What clutch are you using? This was a common problem with Quinton Hazell clutches in the past, and other cheaper "pattern" parts.  
06/01/2005 20:34:30   ian meakin   is it a clutch or synchro problem ? try adjusting column first if it is just difficult to get gear...if it crunches try adjusting free play on clutch..then look at gearbox  
07/01/2005 07:54:33   Richard   Sounds gear linkage or gearbox if it improves when warm.  

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