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06/01/2005 23:17:23   Tom   Hi,

I have finally got my saab V4 engine running pretty well, the tick over sounds alot better! however i have discovered a water leak and it is coming from the water pump. How easy are these to remove and service? can u still get gaskets etc for them or will i have to make them? Any help is really apreciated. Thank you!

07/01/2005 07:58:51   Richard   Its easy to do and you will usually get the gaskets with the pump. Get it changed otherwise you can get a leaking head gasket as you get air in the cooling system at the top of the engine.  
07/01/2005 18:11:12   ian f  
Euro Car Parts sell water pumps at a very reasonable price. I don't know whether gaskets are included but you can always use instant gasket if they're not.
08/01/2005 00:14:06   David   I have acquired a couple of spare water pumps over the years (both Quinton Hazell I think) and they were both supplied with gaskets. They seem reasonably easy to come by - there's often one on ebay, worth a look.  
09/01/2005 23:32:26   Tom   cheers for ur help!  

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