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08/01/2005 20:20:06   Alistair   Anyone know where to source new windscreen seals for a 96 2 stroke/early V4 with the low 'screens? Chap from the US after a pair for his Monte Carlo V4 would like to know....  
09/01/2005 18:28:51   simon   Dear alistair,
I can't answer your question BUT 'members' may be interested to learn that all rubber components seems to come back to life after a short trip in the washing machine at 30* with a little cleaning powder added. To this end I have stoped screens leaking.  
10/01/2005 09:31:54   jonny   Try motorsport Sweden, I am sure I read they had retooled for making windscreen rubbers. Will need to give Simons technique a bash with the window rubbers on my camper.

11/01/2005 18:23:24   Alistair   Thanks chaps!  
19/01/2005 10:15:51   oscar   Try Svenska Saabklubben ( Rolf Jensen parts department)
I guess they are less expensive than those from motorsport sweden.

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