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11/01/2005 19:02:34   ian b   I was just about to order some stainless brakehose from a place called, fittingly enough the brakhose shop. Thing is there product description says the kit(all fittings included) is for a 1500 v4 1974. I've got a 1975 model so i wondered if there are any differences or is it likely to be just a generic kit that fits all.
No offence to Highgate but these are a lot cheaper !  
11/01/2005 21:20:41   Max   Funny, Ian
I today started a thread concerning this brakehose matter too
I can assure you that every brakehose from every V4 fits another. I once put 1980 brakehoses in a 1975 - so why should there be a difference with these stainless brake hoses?!
11/01/2005 21:49:02   ian b   spooky! january is obviously a good month for rubber brake hoses to fall apart! Thats good to know though max, i can send of for some nice shiny stainless steel ones now, cheers.  
16/01/2005 23:42:05   David   I agree that the Highgate ones aren't cheap - I bought a set last year for my V4 prior to its MoT (80+) only to find that they weren't needed! Still, they can go onto my "project" 95 in due course.  
17/01/2005 17:35:27   ian meakin   suggest you get them made up locally..there is always someone who can copy original rubber ones in aeroquip for much less than you pay a factor  
17/01/2005 22:53:20   Max   Well Ian, are you about to order these brake lines now? Isn't there a cheaper seller than this brakehose shop? By the way what benefits does one get from these wires? Sorry for such a stupid question)  
18/01/2005 00:42:02   ian b   Well Max as far as i know they give you a firmer pedal, the hoses are lined with kevlar so they don't expand sideways. Although there's not much squishyness on a 96 brake pedal. Truth be told i just want something bright and shiny for the MOT man to look at next time i pay him a visit.Sounds like that was david's plan as well from what i read here!  

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