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12/11/2002 14:12:38   Nick Ayliffe   I have a low mileage 1975 96 V4. The problem I would like help with is the lack of heat produced by my heater. I am wondering if anyone has encountered similar problems and has any solutions they could pass on to me.  
12/11/2002 15:28:16   Steve B   Hi Nick,

There are a couple of things you could check.
o First the water level in the engine. If it is low then there may not be enough water in the system to reach the heater matrix.
o If the water level is OK then check for air locks. Bleed the system by running the engine until warm, make sure the heater is set to hot and then open the bleed screw on the side of the heater matrix until water runs out.
o Also check that the temperature control inside the car is actually operating the heater valve correctly. The valve is located in a box on the front of the the heater housing under the bonnet. The cable from inside the car moves a lever in the box - check that all this is connected.
o Finaly you might want to check that the heater matrix is not full of leaves/debris as this can make the heater ineffective. This is rather fiddley as you have to split the heater box so only do this as a last resort.
Hope this helps.  
18/11/2002 13:36:51   Steve H   As an alternative to splitting the box. I think you could just take the fan and motor out of the front and reach inside. However, the other causes seem much more likely. If you know V4s, you will know that a heater on full blast could melt an polar cap.  
27/11/2002 12:12:36   Nick Ayliffe   Thanks for the replies. I checked under the dash and found the cable sleeve for the temperature control lever was not secured making any movement ineffective. This has made a slight difference to the amount of heat entering the car but I am still having to wear gloves when the outside air temperature drops below 5 degrees C. The wtaer level is fine and there are no air pockets in the system. I am looking forward to this polar ice cap experience...........I'll send you all postcards when I get there!!  
17/09/2003 20:40:57   Nick Ayliffe   It is a long time since my initial enquiry but I have since found out that there wasn't a thermostat in the engine. New thermostat fitted and problem solved! Engine heats up nice and quickly now too.  

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