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14/01/2005 14:23:45   paul   Hey guys, Im wanting more power from my 96 and was thinking about an engine swap. I know people have put v6s in before, but i was thinking about a boxer from a 2wd subaru. Does anyone know of this being done before? any thoughts??

14/01/2005 18:06:56   simon   Madness - get started.  
15/01/2005 12:29:37   Senor Burt   That sounds like a good choice if you can persuade it in. A 2.8 Ford V6 will bolt straight up to the gearbox, but is heavy and doesn't do the handling any good at all.
The boxer engine obviously has a nice low centre of gravity and is comparitively light.
I've wondered if a VW Golf VR6 motor would go in a 96. I believe the Highgate diaphragm clutch is an adapted VW item, so it could be reasonably straightforward. It is a smaller, lighter engine the the old Ford V6, so wouldn't affect the handling as much.  
15/01/2005 14:16:03   ian f   I've heard of conversions in the US that have used Suburu boxer engines as a replacement for the V4....but that's about as much as I know about them.

Closer to home, Peter Edwards from Wales slotted an Alfa flat 4 lump and 5-speed box into his 96 a few years ago.
15/01/2005 16:31:21   Senor Burt   If you're going to change the transmission as well, it could make for an easier conversion in some ways. The problem being is that you will lose the column change and freewheel, which are part of the appeal of the 95/96 V4 for me.
If you're going down the Subaru route, you could go the whole hog and fit the whole 4WD drivetrain from an Impreza WRX Turbo. It would be like a 9-2 with much funkier bodywork!  
15/01/2005 20:30:16   Alistair   Now that sounds an interesting project, Burt.

I remember a drunken late night conversation with Dave Shepherd years ago about putting another V4 in the middle of his rally car to make a twin engined 4WD machine not unlike that mad Scirocco that used to terrorise NW rally stages in the 80s. Funnily enough, when we woke up & realised how bad our heads were it never materialised!!  

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