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17/01/2005 13:20:45   James Ross   Hi there guys,

Despite having had a Weber 34ICH fitted to my 96 V4 i'm still getting poor starting. The timing is bang on (used dynamic strobocope jobby to 6 degrees BTDC as haynes say). It'll turn over first time but then will start to stall itself, even with the choke out unless I depress the accelerator a bit.

Have Lumenition racing electronic ignition too & new magnecor 8.5mm leads.

Only thing I can think of is that the fuel pump isn't pumping in enough fuel, as it's as if the choke isn't working. It was the same on my previous FoMoCo but though that was the problem at the time.

Once it's warmed up a bit I no longer have to keep the accelerator pedal depressed (only 1 inch or so) & can continue on my way without problems.

Any suggestions or am I right in thinking it's the fuel pump?

- James  
18/01/2005 11:02:51   erik   if it is the fuel pump, shouldn't you have problems all the way then : warm or cold ? My guess would be malfunctioning choke.  
18/01/2005 12:38:38   Richard   Is there a linkage that lifts the throttle on the carb when the choke is operating. I think it should have one. Some carbs like the later Solex twin have a set up that can be adjusted, but the 34 ich has a wire link from the choke flap to the throttle, I think.  
18/01/2005 17:51:08   Senor Burt   There should be some way of adjusting the linkage so that the idle speed rises in proportion to the choke position. Maybe the wire link can be bent to do this. I'm not familiar with the 34ICH, but the FoMoCo carb has a cam attached to the choke linkage that opens up the throttle when the choke is on and is adjustable by bending the plate that bears on the cam.
This doesn't really sound like a poor starting issue, it's just that the engine needs a few more revs when starting from cold. Which is normal.  
18/01/2005 18:56:51   Tom   On a sort of similar subject, does anyone know where l could get an air filter for a Weber 34ICH (chrome type/ re-useable), l want to get rid of the air filter holder. So far no luck with vague web searches. Any pointers would be great

Thanks Tom

19/01/2005 08:10:14   Tom   Had a look at it, but was wondering if it was still possible to get new ones and where from?  
19/01/2005 08:41:46   bill rawles   Demon Tweeks or Europa Spares will do you a K&N for just about anything. If they don't have it in stock though be ready for a wait as K&N are useless at supplying anything unusual.  
19/01/2005 10:25:26   Senor Burt   I have a K&N for a FoMoCo carb. it should be the same one for a 34ICH. It is attached by a jubilee clip around the top of the carb, so should fit anything of a similar diameter. I also fitted an adaptor to it for the rocker cover breather pipe.
Email me if you want me to send pics etc.
The one on ebay is for a twin-choke carb.  
19/01/2005 18:56:08   Tom   Senor Burt do you have a part number? had a look at the K&N website, but not much luck.

Maybe you should send the picts to Alex and he could add them to the tech secton of this site.

20/01/2005 10:21:51   Senor Burt   Sorry no. I bought it many years ago. I remember asking for something that would fit a Ford with a single choke downdraught carb.
The K&N site doesn't list filters for SAAB V4, so you need to search through the Ford applications until you find something suitable.  
20/01/2005 12:52:15   Richard   I think the weber 34 ich was fited to Ford XR2's or the normal fester.  
20/01/2005 19:30:15   Alistair   Sounds more like ignition than fuelling to me, despite all your replacement gear. Is the coil OK? Does the dissie still have a condensor and is that OK?

I had loads of trouble once with the rally car and this was due to some crud in the dissie (also had lumenition). Gave it all a really good clean and it was fine.

You could check fuel delivery from the pump in three ways - one would be to disconnect the hose from the carb, turn it over & see how much your handy helper can catch in a jar - it should fairly gush out.

Another would be to see what kind of airbubble/airlock you have in the fuel filter assuming you have a clear placky one in-line.

Finally check the fuel level in the float chamber before & after attempting to start it. TBH they should start & run for a few seconds from a full float chamber even if the pump delivers nowt.

Anyone else got any ideas?  
21/01/2005 16:52:53   James Ross   I will try the little tests you suggest Al & see what I come up with.

There's no condensor, it's all been replaced by lumenition electronic ignition.

Yes, have a clear plastic in-line filter & there's tons of fuel sitting in there.

As Richard said, I tried adjusting the choke flap cam on the old FoMoCo, but it made no difference to it, so I swapped it for the new Weber.  
22/01/2005 11:07:45   Senor Burt   Not the choke flap. You need to try and increase the idle speed when the choke is out by adjusting the linkage.  
24/01/2005 07:55:03   Richard   I thought you had the weber on. The foMoCo will need a strip down and clean. Clean the drillings for the idle etc. Replace all gaskets with new ones out of a rebuild kit.  
24/01/2005 12:20:40   Richard   The auto choke may not be working. When cold the carb should pull the choke flaps closed and up the idle after you press the pedel to the floor, you want to let it warm up a bit before touching the pedel again.  

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